Hoffman Quality Water is a licensed and bonded specialty contractor with 26 years of water treatment experience in the Walla Walla Valley.

Our company designs, engineers, and installs all types of water treatment systems for both residential and commercial applications and has worked with local wineries since 1981. We sell water softeners, reverse-osmosis drinking water units, many types and sizes of in-line water filters (including a whole house water filter), ultraviolet disinfection units, dechlorinators, shower filters, specialty cleaning products and many other water related items.
Hoffman Quality Water has been effectively applying ultraviolet disinfection to private well water systems for many years.  Clint Hoffman is an expert on UV application, well water purification, and other types of well water filters. He was one of the first water treatment dealers in Washington to offer UV disinfection as an alternative to chlorination.

If you have a private well which has been tested and shows the presence  of Coliform  or   E-coli bacteria, you may want to consider installing an ultraviolet disinfection unit to treat all of your interior household water.  We sell quality UV products manufactured by Trojan Technologies.  We also stock and can ship ultraviolet replacement lamps and sleeves for 13 different brands.
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